Friday, 25 January 2013

AI-DEV MSc students graduate

We have four MSc Computer Science students who took the Artificial Intelligence option and worked in the AI-DEV group taking part in the current Makerere graduation ceremony. Their work involved image processing for malaria parasite detection, causal structure learning (which we are interested in to learn about patterns of famine or disease spread), extending handwriting recognition algorithms to cope with the ŋ character common in Bantu languages, and identification of people in video streams for intrusion detection.

Names and research/project titles, from left to right:

Catherine Ikae, Automated Diagnosis of Malaria through Blood Film Analysis with Scale Invariant Feature Transforms and Cascades of Boosted Classifiers.

William Senfuma, Meta Learning for Selection of Best Causal Discovery Algorithms.

Ibrahim Bbossa, Offline Character Recognition of Luganda Handwriting on Smartphones.

Frederick Serunjogi Semakula, Networked Visual Human Motion Detection with Automatic Notifications.



  1. Congratulations to this elite team.

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